Having been Landlords and Lettings agents ourselves we understand the challenges faced in letting property to end user tenants hence why our model is so popular with the extensive network of agents we work with Nationwide.

Our preference is to source our properties via agents, so allowing you to maintain the relationship with your Landlord is key to our success and is one of the reasons why so many agents choose to work with us.

We are fully retained by our clients and as such, unlike an end user tenant, there is no single point of financial failure such as job loss. This enables us to provide a fixed rental income, paid each and every month regardless of if the property is vacant or occupied, meaning you never have to have an awkward conversation with your Landlord as to why the rent hasn’t been paid.

As a professional tenant we plug into any existing property management, providing a single point of contact for your property management team and fielding low level queries in order to save you time and money.

Our approved occupants, who typically stay for the term of the tenancy, are closely managed by us meaning that if there are any issues we are able to pick up on these early and act upon them.

  • A guaranteed annual rental income for your Landlords on time, every month regardless of if the property is vacant or not
  • An immediate contract start date – no worrying about how long it will take to find a tenant or a lengthy vacant period whilst that tenant gives notice
  • We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and complaints, inspect properties regularly and plug into your property management providing a “buffer zone” in order to save you time and money
  • Properties are returned in as good condition, if not better at the end of the tenancy and we also pay a physical deposit of up to 5 weeks rent
  • No risk of ever having to evict tenants and the time and cost for your Landlord that this would involve
  • No set up fees, monthly commissions, or hidden extras and as we are not subject to the tenant fee ban, we are also happy to pay you an admin fee giving your company an additional stream of income

Tenant Damage

If our client causes any intentional damage and can be proven, we will cover this – unless an insurance claim is needed.


The Housing Service have provided our Landlords with consistent long term yields. For us as a company it also makes sense as our property management team now have one central point of contact who is able to flag any management issues early saving us time and money.

Paul – M&P Estates, Thurrock

Across several tenancies The Housing Service have proved to be reliable and professional tenants. Great communication and easy to deal with throughout.

Lucinda – LCL, Colchester

Having dealt with hundreds of end user tenants the stand out difference in using The Housing Service is the financial stability and responsiveness they provide which in turn has helped us maintain long term relationships with our clients.

Francis – Westwoods, Southend
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